Your Design. Your Vision. Poligon Quality.

Some DSA projects require more… more imagination, more attention to detail, more skillful execution. That’s Poligon’s sweet spot. Whether you’re looking for a standalone structure or an integrated system of walkway covers, Poligon knows how to take your core concept and make it a reality. Poligon has been engineering steel structures since 1964 and we are passionate about our ability to turn your design vision into an easy-to-install steel structure. Our state-of-the-art engineering, drafting, and manufacturing facility is organized for the sole purpose of designing and creating the industry’s best structures. When you see them, your discerning eye will see that their quality and beauty speaks for itself.

Custom structures start with you: your ideas, your objectives, your project vision. At Poligon, we’re experts. You can rest assured every aspect of your project is executed just as it was envisioned.

Custom projects require collaboration and a shared vision. From you, we expect creativity, commitment to your vision and high expectations. From Poligon, you can expect engineering expertise and manufacturing excellence to bring your concept to life. Our process utilizes a series of checkpoints to keep you in the loop and keep all involved on the right track. We are deliberate and deeply focused on even the smallest details. From the material we use, to the manufacturing tolerances we employ and even the way we transport your structure to the jobsite… nothing is ever left to chance.

Our licensed engineers are available to collaborate directly with you and your design team. There are so many aspects to your DSA project that require coordination – let Poligon handle everything related to the exposed structural steel.